Sausage Rolls £1.20 each
Salmon & Leek Puffs £2.50 each
Greek Pies (Spinach, Feta, Sun-dried Tomato & Egg) £2.20 each

Salmon & Rocket Quiche (20cm) £5.30 each
Broccoli & Stilton Quiche (20cm) £5.30 each
Bacon & Mushroom Quiche (20cm) £5.30 each

Breakfast Pies (Sausage, Bacon & Egg) (10cm) £2.25 each

*Beef, Red Wine & Mushroom Pies Individual (10cm) £2.25 each
*Beef, Red Wine & Mushroom Pies Medium (16cm) £4.75 each
*Beef, Red Wine & Mushroom Pies Large (20cm) £6.95 each

*Lamb & Mint Pies Individual (10cm) £2.25 each
*Lamb & Mint Pies Medium (16cm) £4.75 each
*Lamb & Mint Pies Large (20cm) £6.95 each

*Chicken & Vegetable Pie Individual (10cm) £2.25 each
*Chicken & Vegetable Pie Medium (16cm) £4.75 each
*Chicken & Vegetable Pie Large (20cm) £6.95 each

*Deep Filled Apple Pie (20cm) £5.10 each
*Deep Filled Apple & Blackberry Pie (20cm) £5.10 each
*Deep Filled Apple & Raspberry Pie (20cm) £5.10 each
*Deep Filled Apple & Blackcurrant Pie (20cm) £5.10 each

* Item marked can be ordered as Gluten & Wheat free.

Please note that if we are out of stock we will make up your
order within 3 days of receiving your order via email. Please also
note that all orders for delivery must be a minimum order value of

All orders are subject to a £3.00 delivery charge. We deliver locally
as long as you are within a 10 mile radius of Copplestone
(Mid Devon, UK).

if you are out side of our delivery area please contact us and
we will find away of getting our pies to you if we can.

Thank you.

All prices and sizes are subject to change without notice. All
sizes are approximate.